Enjoy the enjoyment of a simple catfish fry at house

Whether or not you are a country music enthusiast, a TikTok watcher or a Facebook troller, you can’t support but bump into some push bordering the fun, lighthearted track by Dustin Lynch referred to as “Fancy Like.” If you have not listened to this song, it is earning a splash mainly because it not only has a catchy tune but also may have Wendy’s and Organic Light-weight declaring ‘thank you” while moving Applebee’s to carry back an previous menu favorite — all of which result from comical brand references in the lyrics. In point, food and beverage references, primarily to tequila, are popping up almost everywhere in the state new music scene.

This Dustin Lynch tune was additional popularized when a post on TikTok showcasing the region singer and his daughter executing a dance to the refrain despatched the tune soaring on the songs charts. Even lots of of Dustin Lynch’s followers are submitting their very own versions of the TikTok dance. The track is a tongue-in-cheek nod to simple “date nights” compared to elaborate events, consequently — “fancy like.”