Parents Day 2021: Celebrate the moms and dads in your life with these special ideas

National Parents’ Day is Sunday, July 25, and it’s a day to celebrate and honor the role of parents raising their children.

While that should be every day – if you ask mom and dad – this day in particular was established in 1994 by then-President Bill Clinton.

There are so many sentimental ideas on the Internet, here are some of the best ones we found in honor of National Parents’ Day.

The Greatest Parents plaque. (Amazon)

This plaque reads “Greatest Parents – I will never take for granted how greatly I’ve been blessed; for when it comes to parents, Mom & Dad, you are the best. You nurtured and protected me and taught me with great care, And every time I’ve needed you, you were always there.”

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

DIY Wooden Family Birthday Reminder Calendar Board. (Amazon)

This is for the parents who want to keep track, and never forget a birthday.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Malden International Designs Family Expressions Picture Frame 4×6. (Amazon)

This classic picture frame works for every room in the house.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Watercolor Family Portrait From Merging Multiple Photos. (Etsy)

An emotional, heartwarming gift idea is made possible by creators on Etsy.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Personalized Family Names Sign. (Etsy)

The artist of this piece made a disclaimer that this product will take three weeks to ship, and the names in the hearts are in the order you’d like them placed.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Mom’s bracelet. (Etsy)

Is someone cutting onions in here?

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Funny Dad Coffee Mug. (Etsy)

This mug is a must-have for the funny dad in your life.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Real Night Sky Art. (Etsy)

Personalized to your location, these custom maps are a sentimental way to show that a parents love knows no distance.

For those who are new parents, this may be their first National Parents Day. Help them take part in the celebration with these adorable gifts. Here are some gifts for new or “soon to be” parents.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

New Dad and Mom Gifts Coffee Mug. (Amazon)

This adorable mug set is a great for announcing a pregnancy.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Welcome to Parenthood Gift Box – New Dad Gift. (Etsy)

The gift box comes with cookies, a succulent and essential oils.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

New Parents Gift Box Set. (Etsy)

This set comes with a matching mug and onesie.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

You Are Going To Be An Amazing Mother Spa Gift Box. (Etsy)

Soaps, an eye pillow and tea bags are some of the items included in this gift box.

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Best Dad Ever infant shirt. (Etsy)

This shirt is too cute!

National Parents Day 2021 Gift Guide

Hand drawing of a family. (Etsy)

This hand-drawn family photo is sentimental, and a heartwarming gift for first-time parents.

Movie ideas:

There is nothing wrong with a good movie night with the parents. Here are some of the best flick picks we found on streaming services.

This hilarious, animated version of the classic “Addams Family” is a film the whole family will enjoy. It stars the voices of Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Snoop Dogg, Bette Midler, and Allison Janney. You can watch the film on Paramount+.

The School of Rock (Paramount+)

The perfect feel-good movie, with a comedic twist is “School of Rock,” starring Jack Black. The film also stars Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman and Miranda Cosgrove. You can watch the film on Paramount+.

Ice Age (Hulu)

The family-friendly animated film has comedy the whole family can get a chuckle out of. The 2002 film is available on-demand via Hulu, along with hundreds of other movies.

Hotel Transylvania (Hulu)

“Hotel Transylvania,” which includes the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez and Kevin James, is a great choice for movie night with your parents. The plot, according to IMBd: “In 1895, after the death of his wife Martha at the hands of an angry human mob, Count Dracula commissions and builds a massive 5-star, monsters-only hotel in Transylvania, in which he raises his daughter Mavis. The hotel also serves as a safe haven and a getaway for the world’s monsters from fear of human persecution.”

The film is in the Hulu video on demand base, along with hundreds of other movies.

My Sister’s Keeper (HBO Max )

Pro-tip: Have tissues on standby. The plot revolves around Anna Fitzgerald, who looks to earn medical emancipation from her parents. Until now, they have relied on their youngest child to help their leukemia-stricken daughter Kate remain alive. The film stars Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vassilieva, Jason Patric, and Alec Baldwin. You can watch it on HBO Max ($14.99/month).

The Wizard of Oz (HBO Max)

Everyone loves “The Wizard of Oz.” It is a great choice for family movie night, with a soundtrack to bond over. You can watch it on HBO Max ($14.99/month).

This emotional film is one to watch with your parents. You can watch “The Lovely Bones” on Amazon’s Prime Video. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you already have access to it through your subscription to Amazon. If you aren’t a member, Prime offers a free 30-day trial. You can sign up here.

This is just an overall inspirational film, and the perfect way to get your parents to sit down for a while. You can watch it on on Amazon’s Prime Video.

Evan Almighty (Peacock)

This film has a powerful lesson behind it, that parents and family members of all-ages can appreciate. The film stars Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Simmons, Graham Phillips and Jimmy Bennett. You can watch it on Peacock, the streaming service that offers hundreds of movies, binge-worthy TV shows, sports, news and culture for free. You can get access to premium content with Peacock Premium for just $4.99/month, or you can watch without ads with a Peacock Premium Plus plan for $9.99/month.

Because I Said So (Peacock)

Talk about a true parent movie. With the title “Because I Said So,” there is no question that this film is one to see with mom and dad. The film revolves around a meddling mother who tries to set her daughter up with the right man so her kid won’t follow in her footsteps.

Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Swann Macht, Tom Everett Scott and Lauren Graham star in the film. You can watch it on Peacock now.