Why Do Violin Strings Break

While skills and knowledge regarding how to play the violin helps violinists perform incredible music, passion and dedication are also vital factors to achieve success in playing the violin. Most importantly, a violinist owes success to his or her musical instrument. It is important that before you play the violin, you have checked whether your musical instrument is still in good condition to ensure that you will provide a great performance using it.

As a violinist, you can never avoid accidents and mishaps all the time. It is a guarantee that there will be a point in time when your violin strings break or snap. If you encounter this instance, it is time for you to have a thorough inspection of your musical instrument. Begin understanding why violin strings break to help you anticipate and prevent it from happening.

Why Do Violin Strings Break and How to Prevent It

Improper tightening or tuning of violin strings

If you are a beginner in playing a violin, you have a higher chance to experience snapping of violin strings when you are tuning it. Remember, it is incorrect to over tune or over tighten the strings. You have to pay attention to instructions and take your time to carefully read the processes on how to minimize the number of strings that are breaking when you are tuning them. Knowledge is power and you can gain it by reading. You can also ask help from fellow violinists or luthiers to teach you how to properly tune violin strings.

Too much exposure to varied temperature and humidity fluctuation

When your violin instrument is exposed to varied temperature and humidity fluctuation, there is a high chance that your strings will frequently break. If your instrument is constantly being fluctuated from hot to cold, humid to dry, and any other shift of temperature, it causes your violin strings to become brittle and they will be prone to breaking. You have to implement proper violin care by starting with the violin case. Make sure that you have a high-quality casing for your instrument.

It’s already due for replacement

Constant repetitions of violin strings snapping is an indication that it is time for you to replace them with a new one. Remember, violin strings are expected to last for only three (3) to six (6) months. Once they are able to survive with the said span of time, it is time for you to consider replacing them.

Key Takeaway

Understanding why violin strings break will help you easily detect problems in your musical instruments before they even arise. It is important for you to ensure that your violin is in good shape to help prevent problems like breaking or snapping of violin strings. Remember, violin strings are the life of a violin. It will never provide unique and incredible sound if the violin strings were not properly prioritized. The aforementioned reasons were only a few of many other reasons that you have to be aware of. Regardless of any cause, frequent breaking or snapping of violin strings is an obvious indication that you need to take your violin to the nearest violin strings expert to help your musical instruments be assessed by professional people.